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I Wonder Why - Lucci (Feat. Skooly) (Internet, 2014)

"Feel like a polar bear hugging me, girl climb on top and make love to me"

I came across this song when desperately searching for Skooly’s rebuttal to RHQ’s diss record, “Talk”.  The youtube and internet people’s are apparently convinced that “I Wonder Why” is that diss record, but I’m doubtful.  It is, however, a great record, the sound of which is perfectly encapsulated in the artwork.  I’m not sure what Calvin and Hobbes are doing at the bottom of that galaxy, but, if you walk around at night and listen to this song you can imagine that each background chime is a star passing your head as you fall backwards into an endless atmospheric void and have a TRULY. SYNESTHETIC. EXPERIENCE.

Other One’s

Other 1 - Sayy (Internet, 2014)

Sayy is apparently Kaelub of Rich Kidz brother, but my information is coming from YouTube comments.  In the last analysis there will only be YouTube comments.  This is another lovely late night riding (driving in your car machine) song to enjoy while you can still keep your sunroof open without freezing.  We need these late night psuedo-romance songs after Future let us down by not making an entire album of them.  I do wish that Skooly had a verse somewhere on this, and Sayy manages to make the exact same “UGH” adlib noise as him, leading you to believe that Skooly is lurking, though he never surfaces.  Intentional suspense created by the Rich Kidz, who are often referred to as Young Alfred Hitchcock(s) in the nether regions of Atlanta. 

Where I’m From - Johnny May Cash [Feat. SD] (Internet, 2014)

Chinatown Chicago.  Late night atmospheric riding music with the perfect use of autotune.  I’ve never been able to listen to an entire song featuring SD, and I have to imagine that Young Chop is coaching both him and Johnny.  I thought “I Go”, with Chop at the helm, was Lil Durk’s best and most focused song on STTS2.  Coincidence? Perhaps.

I missed the Kevin Gates concert


Not my picture.  I guess Gates was on stage at some point.

Last night I went to go see Kevin Gates in concert.  I arrived at 9:30PM, having never seen a headlining rapper (or band, for that matter) take the stage before 10:00PM. I’ve also read that, usually, Gates doesn’t perform until 11PM.  Unfortunately, within five minutes of my arrival, the concert was over.  For the time that I was there, which included IDGAF (thank God), John Gotti, and very short snippets of a few other songs, Gates was in the thick of the crowd, surrounded by sweaty bro’s without regard for them pushing and shoving up against him.  He paused to tell a girl that was face to face with him that she had “very soft lips,” before seguing into his next song.  A bunch of dudes followed him around and shined bright ass lights on his face, but I couldn’t tell who was in his entourage or not, because random people were on stage and Gates was in the crowd, edging towards the exit with each snippet.  

He apparently took the stage at 9PM, and I’m guessing he wanted to leave as early as possible for New York City. I was also informed that the concert was all ages after spending ten minutes wondering why everyone was so tiny.  This is a good way to make a concert extraordinarily confusing.  Young people do weird things at shows. 75% of the meager thirty or so people in attendance were probably under the age of 18. 

Things I learned:

1. Chevy Woods has fans.

     1A.  In Boston, Chevy Woods has more fans than Kevin Gates.  I was told that half the concert cleared out after the opening act.

2. Arrive on time to rap shows and suffer through opening acts / shitty DJ sets in case the show was all ages and you didn’t know and the artist wants to get out of your fake city that has horrible taste in rap music.

3. It is true that Kevin Gates will leave the concert whenever he feels, pushing his way through the crowd towards an exit.

Long story short - I missed the Kevin Gates concert.  All that was left is this picture, probably taken at a McDonald’s on the Mass Pike as Gates fled for New York.  Now I have to wait until he opens for B.O.B. in November (I hate you, Atlantic Records).


Young Scooter

—Runnig Outta Money

Young Scooter - Running Outta Money (Street Lottery 2, 2014)

Young Scooter is a very beautiful singer.

Yo Gotti Feat. Rich Homie Quan

—I Know

I Know - Yo Gotti (Feat. Rich Homie Quan) [I Yam, 2013)

This is the best I’ve heard Gotti rap in a long while and he’s basically miming four different rappers.