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Jul 26

Humble Traps

Young Scooter’s second verse

Apr 9






"Fuccboi free"!!

Jan 5

Young Scooter - Running Outta Money (Street Lottery 2, 2014)

Young Scooter is a very beautiful singer.

Nov 12

I Know - Yo Gotti (Feat. Rich Homie Quan) [I Yam, 2013)

This is the best I’ve heard Gotti rap in a long while and he’s basically miming four different rappers.

Nov 6
I will never forget this tweet.

I will never forget this tweet.

Oct 31

Never Gonna Stop - Future & Stuey Rock (FDU & Freebanz: Reloaded, 2011)

"You passed your final exam - you deserve a fancy car!" - Future

Sep 17

Ain’t Shit To Me - Johnny May Cash (Paranoid, 2013)

I had never enjoyed a Johnny May Cash song before “Ain’t Shit To Me”.  I assumed that he was one small part of the seemingly endless Chicago hype machine that everyone supports.  I, too, am guilty of supporting without looking towards other regions.  Are the most exciting rappers coming out of Chicago, or is it all owed to the regions overexposure?

So why did I even download this tape?  I have no idea.  But I listen to this song and I’m driving around Chicago in a shiny black coupe, amidst leaves; orange, yellow, brown; leaves that roll under the wheels of my car, leaves that fall on top of my car and float around me like confetti.  I open the sunroof and a leave falls onto my lap.  I’ve never been to Chicago.

Sep 15

For The Squad- LeekELeek (Bleed Greedy, 2013)

Like the other great (“Wayne had a seizure…”) song from LeekELeek’s Bleed Greedy, I don’t want to listen to anything that isn’t singing/autotune/making me feel like my brain is operating at a capacity below average.  

Why did LeekELeek release a tape that is almost entirely produced by not LeekELeek?  What is the origin of those tinny-caribbean-sounding-cheap-casio-keyboard-soundkit notes that the song opens with?  How happy would you be to never hear “thotiyana” or “thot” in a song again, since it has long since overstayed its humorous import (like the existence of Riff Raff)?

Also, “Versace, versace, versace, she _____________” - LeekELeek

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