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Foxx - I’m Carolyn Son

First 48 - Foxx [Feat. Locco] (I’m Carolyn Son , 2010)

I chose this song from the tape because the world should know about Locco.  He has the most perfect southern alien singing voice I have ever heard.

Download “I’m Carolyn Son”, Foxx’s new mix tape and give it a try.  He’s holding it down for Boosie and Trill ENT, only right Locco reps those who are not from Earth.  He mentions it in one song, but it seems he got a big ass check sometime recently probably to make shit while Boosie’s away and keep Trill afloat.  Foxx is definitely stuntin these days.   But mostly rappers exaggerate although I like that he seems to be Young Buck style money blowin.

"I’m Carolyn Son" has introspective, reflective songs: Stressed Out, Prison Song, I’m Sorry. 

Political tracks: Obama Won, Free Boosie. 

Hoe / Relationship Songs:  Bed Wetter, From the Back, Get On. 

Jigga poppin songs: In Da Club, Throw Em Back 

Religious Songs:  Heaven, Church, Gold Mouth Dog and much much more.  I think he makes most of the beats as well.  You just have to mostly peel back the bouncy layers of track and see the wide range of scholarly topics Foxx discusses.  Also, Fashion - he makes an earth-shatteringly intelligent statement that other dudes should heed - “I made a lot of money, I stopped wearing Coogi”.

Don’t hate on the cover.  Cory Mo dropped a good tape as well with a similarly awkward yet plain and somewhat 90’s gothic (maybe?) cover.  Covers.  Click the Cover to download.

Foxx I'm Carolyn Son

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